2018 Talent Showcase

Y.O.U.th is committed to providing an platform for our young people to shine.  Whether they are young or older in age we want to offer opportunity for young people to sing, dance, rap or whatever they choose to perform and find support and appreciation from our community.  For youth ages 10-18 we offer a competitive piece to the showcase where judges will rate and give valid feedback for them to be able to gain the success or voice they are striving to share.  Family friendly and will be a night you won't want to miss.


Mighty | Featured Artist Performer
Dynamic artist from East County, gain National attention and is ultimately one of the best performers.

IG @itzmighty


OG ONE  | Official Trail Blazers DJ
Spinning on the 1's & 2's 8pm-9pm
Dance, good music and have fun!


Sammy | Artist Performer
Up coming artist from Portland.  Positive and a smooth style.

IG @soulosamuel
Twitter: @samuelaschalew
SoundCloud: Samuel Aschalew